Monday, December 25, 2017


Merry Christmas, Dear Reader.

May peace be upon you and the joy of Christ's nativity. Whether close or distant, in touch or silent,  I wish you -- yes you -- love and joy that will see you through into the new year and hope to see you in it. A poem from A.E. Housman for the day.


Christmas Carol

Bells at sunrise making babel:
Christ is born, I hear men say.
Shepherds, bring me to the stable,
That I may give my Lord good-day.
For you heard fall the angels' warning,
Keeping of the starlit fold,
All in the dark midwinter morning
Amongst the pearly rime so cold.

Lully, lully, lully, humming:
Shepherds, say, is this the door?
Oh, Kings out of the east are coming,
But I have brought my gifts before.
Over the frail star-travelled stranger
With tears and smiles his mother bows,
And all about the misty manager
Steams the sweet breath of the cows.

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