Friday, October 3, 2014

Drinking your words - Chartreuse

I attended a wine and illegal cheese party (the FDA doesn't approve of some European cultures) last week. For a sendoff, our host opened a bottle of chartreuse, an herbal liqueur with a sweet taste and mythic-sounding back-story. It's brewed by monks in the French Alps. Only two of them know the recipe at any time. When one dies, a new acolyte is taken in. And so it's passed down the ages. And it's passed into the English language, now mostly divorced from its history. There's even a crayon.

Chartreuse - Noun
1. A Carthusian monastery in the French Alps near Grenoble, France.
2. An herbal liqueur brewed by Carthusian monks.
3. A yellowish green color, that of the French liqueur.

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