Sunday, April 13, 2014

Word Frequency - an alphabet of one-offs

An alphabet of single use words from my writing from over the past year:

A is for acridity, B is for balm, C is for chiropractor, D is for dehydration, E is for ether, F is for forsight, G is for gloss, H is for hymnody, I is for Instagram, J is for jealousy, K is for kitchen, L is for Lana Del Ray, M is for metaphor, N is for neon, O is for olive, P is for permanence, Q is for question, R is for rifle, S is for seasickness, T is for Tanquerey, U is for ugliness, V is for verbage, W is for wilding, X is for Xerox, Y is for Youtube, Z is for Zeus.

Poetic Obsessions III - Word Frequency

Life changes. We change our lives. Obsession drifts and reflects itself in the mirror of writing. I run a word frequency count every so often so as to see myself. These drafts cover the last year's writing. Put on a word document, the list runs to 47 pages of one word per line. 23 of those pages are one-offs. 

There's lots of alcohol this year and a suspicious number of animals hiding in the count. There's an odd number of knees but an even number of hips and breasts. And somehow, the story of a year:

14 glass, 10 deer, 9 grenadine, 8 zebra, 8 oneiros, 8 houses, 8 fields, 7 thirst, 7 tidal, 7 linen, 7 arabesques, 6 pomegranate, 6 mud, 6 green, 6 glistering, 6 girl, 5 sunbound, 5 shandy, 5 knees, 5 exile, 5 drunker, 5 drinking, 5 dreaming, 5 dog, 4 subdivision, 4 lemonade, 4 languorous, 4 intention, 4 hurricane, 4 hips, 4 foals, 4 breasts, 3 woman, 3 winters, 3 windows, 3 swans, 3 semaphore, 3 newscasters, 3 fragments, 3 chlorine, 3 bikini, 3 arctic, 2 waterslides, 2 tonic,  2 artichokes, 1 tuba, 1 passport, 1 milkyness, 1 marriage, 1 Kardashian, 1 fox, 1 ache

Sigh No More