Monday, January 27, 2014

Google Mistranslation - Lewd Lorca

Google Chrome's autotranslate feature makes an interesting rendering for Lorca' Romance Son├ímbulo. Trescientas rosas morenas / lleva tu percha blanca should read something like three-hundred blood-brown roses bloom across your white shirtfront. Google's version is a bit more racy:

Friday, January 17, 2014


From time to time, I come across new word coinages in fashion and advertising - jeggings, droolisimo, millionize. A friend recently brought to my attention the newly minted smellcome. This disturbing portmanteaux is brought to you by Old Spice deodorant. In the commercial, a mom weeps because she smells Old Spice spray deodorant on her son and realizes he's a man. In later installments, she bewails the fact that her son is now irresistable to women because of said aerosolized anti-perspirant.

About this aberration of a word, I can only say that I maintain a policy that smelling on the good side of neutral is best. No-one should wear so much deodorant that it greets people around them. Smell should not be the first sense activated when someone meets you. That's why we say nice to see you and nice to hear from you rather than nice to smell you. My junior year, I had a suitemate who took spray-baths in axe body spray in lieu of proper showering. I know that I never felt smellcome when entering the shared suite bathroom afterwards.

Sigh No More