Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Updates and Miscellany

Another fall has fallen on Whitmore Lake, strewing leaves on my lawn and darkening the skies before I leave work. In the thick of teaching and preparing issue 11 of Structo, I've neglected you, dear reader. So here's a round-up of the last few months:

  • Identity Theory published my poems "Salt for Katharina" and "Cicada." 
  • Modern Poetry in Translation published three of my translations of Jóanes Nielsen, his debut in English. Another of my translations of Nielsen is forthcoming in RHINO.
  • I'm happy to be publishing translations from Jèrriais, Irish, Scotch Gaelic, and medieval Korean in Structo 11.  
  • Verse Junkies published two translations of Agnar Artúvertin. From layout of the picture, it looks like I am that mustachioed poet. That is actually Agnar.
  • A singer at the local open-mic told me, "If you love the sea, that love will always be unrequited."
  • I've recorded another poetry reading for 88.1 WYCE, available here - zebras, the Berlin underground, and Faroese puns in translation.
  • I translated two stories for the Nordic House. My favorite line (from Sólrun Michelsen's The Rat): "tað er so hugaligt at hoyra onkran skavast inni í myrkrinum og at hava onkran at  siga góða nátt við." How nice indeed, reader!
There are many things that appear on to-do list after to-do list that keep getting pushed back — finishing an essay on the word the, learning Love Is Like Tobacco on guitar, writing to you. I will. I will.

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