Thursday, March 14, 2013

I've Got a Blues - Updates and Miscellany

I went with a friend to the Kat Edmonson concert in downtown Ann Arbor last night. The concert was nice, if a bit low key - overall, good. But there was one thing that grated on me. She told a story about listening to Eric Clapton and wanting to write a blues. A blues. Not the blues. Not a blues song. She went on to tell about a dream she had in which a blues came to her and she woke up and wrote it down. There is no a blues only the blues. Kat Edmonson is pretty and so could get by with songs that made me want to nap (yes, I'm swayable by beauty - I'm not proud of it) but there is no indefinite form of blues.

Other updates - 
  • Four of my translations from the Faroese of J√≥anes Nielsen are appearing in the spring issue of Modern Poetry in Translation. 
  • My Lenten Psalm Translation Contest has 17 days left. Some great pieces have come through - submit!
  • I'm considering a Faroe/Europe trip this summer - pending funding.
  • Pondering the best way to make green punch for Saint Patrick's Day - send recipes.

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