Thursday, February 7, 2013

Google Mistranslations II

Three of my poems (translated into Faroese by Agnar Artúvertin) are appearing in the next issue of Varðin. Agnar coined a new word to translate my use of gloss (shine and explanation) - orðaglitri/wordglitter. So nice to have my own Faroese word. I've plugged the poems into google translate (which mistakes Faroese for Icelandic). As with last time strangeness ensued. All three poems came back with a variant of the phrase one can achieve perfection. Here are some lines:

  • And you standing by the end of the laser Lotus...
  • You breath in the routine.
  • Sit anchor the tendon jar, hot and tongue / clay.
  • One can achieve perfection, some settled.
  • He remembers mountains / and one gent, whether he faces open sea in the dream.
  • One can achieve perfection, sense love.
  • So subside darkness stations.
  • Now any one can achieve perfection. / All do the same.
  • The houses, high sense create.

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