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Updates and Miscellany

10/22/2013 WYCE Poetry Reading

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a postcard

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Collected Online Works

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Strange Fortune VII

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

And now the internet is the arbiter of taste...

The Strange Signs Whitmore Lake - Part I

A Morass of Magazine Monikers

the cotton sun

the cotton sun

Dreaming of Distance

Shakespyeare: Day 138 - Random Guy at Farmer's Market

A Blue Day's Reading: Last Spring - Gottfried Benn (trans. Michael Hofmann)

Reebok: Cheat on your girlfriend campaign

Don't have a boyfriend? Get proactiv!

come away with me...

Abercrombie & Fitch Fiasco

Teaching Ithaca

Shakespyeare: Day 118 - Kola Tea

A Saturday's Reading: Express Train - Gottfried Benn (trans. Michael Hofmann)

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Lenten Psalm Translation Contest: Winner

More on Google Translate

Google Translate - Micro-languages and Faroese

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Feats of Translation

In Barnes & Noble

Poetic Obsessions II - Word Frequency

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I've Got a Blues - Updates and Miscellany

Psalm Contest Update

Shakespyeare: Day 62 - King Lear in Detroit

Psalm Contest - Updates

Google autofill: why are so many writers _______

JOT Conference Talk - Eyes and Ears

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Lenten Psalm Translation Contest

Google Mistranslations II

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In Taberna Quando Sumus...

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