Thursday, November 8, 2012

WYCE Poetry Reading - 10/30/2012

I've been mostly silent lately when it comes to blogging. The demands and duties of life have kept me from posting. But it's not only that. I can feel myself holding my words in, keeping them for myself, saving them for a time when I might need them, mulling them over and holding them back. It's like tensing a muscle for action. There is, I read, a season and time to every purpose, for speaking and silence. And so this seasons goes. But here, to break the silence between us, Dear Reader, my annual reading on the radio. Some old poems re-read, and some new poems - immigration, epitaphs, foggy mornings of sipping tea, walks in the park. In speaking, something is staked (in every sense of the word). So here is a wager, my landclaim, my issue, and my point of execution.

A hand raised in greeting to you across the electronic gulf between us,



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