Saturday, October 13, 2012

Abandoned lines

Lines from unfinished poems, discarded drafts, and excised edits:
  • Kiss or chimera, my classical stoicism slipped away / as light spilled over the border from Windsor.
  • Silence / filled the gap between us, tall grass damp / beneath our palms. We found a way / to take summer on the chin.
  • And that girl / in the supermarket wearing a jean jacket that partially obscured / the word on her shirt – did those block letters read peace / or peach
  • I have evaded even memory, the concrete underground, / flower sellers, the way bodies jar / against one another / in the jolt of speed.
  • The lit tracer of a rocket transfixed / the camera phone of a rebel before coming to light / on the selfsame city block where he stood, recording / its arc.
  • If I said I scored, it was because we were keeping score.
  • The failure of the sign is itself a sign.

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