Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Strange Spam - a Critical Look

I receive a fair amount of mail in my spam folder and normally delete it after checking to make sure nothing important has slipped through. But I kept this for interests sake and share it with you now:

Welcome dear, Peggyzoso

They say good education in University will give you considerable income?

Increased lifetime income is not a fiction - higher qualification always gives considerable income. Specialists with degree will always have higher salary and higher rating in labor market

Ministry of Education made research concerning "Lifetime Earnings Soar with Education" and got interesting results about gained incomes.

It was found out that higher education considerably rises the income of the specialist, and the further developing of educational status rises income several times. Below there are simple examples of income level, the difference is evident
If you still hesitate, may be these number of expected earnings will change your mind

Does new appointment require confirming your qualification? You have a wealth of experience but no diploma? We can solve your problem in 30 days. Your experience will be confirmed by the proper diploma.

We don’t call up you give up your study and get with garbling, our offer will help professionals with a wealth of experience that don’t have much time for attending classes. We will provide the proper diploma in a month but your income will rise and remain all your life. 

Earnestine Harper

A few observations:
  • The title line of the email reads Improve your "Ph.D" resume in less than 40 days. The author makes ample use of unnecessary quotation marks throughout the piece. I like the title in particular as it really is a "Ph.D." one would be buying.
  • The greeting is very strange. I've never heard the name Peggyzoso before. Perhaps consider it for your next son or daughter (I think it works either way).
  • The writer seems unsure of herself, making statements like They say good education in University will give you considerable income followed by a question mark.
  • Give up your study and get with garbling, our offer... has a nice alliterative quality.
  • Ms. Harper brings up a valid point that work experience is undervalued and college degrees overvaluedin the US labor market. Still, I think buying degrees online is not the way.

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