Friday, January 27, 2012

Today's Reading: Interrogativa Cantilena

If all the world were paper,
And all the sea were ink;
If all the trees were bread and cheese,
How should we do for drink?

If all the world were sand'o,
Oh then what should we lack'o,
If as they say there were no clay,
How should we take tobacco?

If all our vessels ran'a,
If none but has a crack'a;
If Spanish apes ate all the grapes,
How should we do for sack'a?

If friars had no bald pates,
Nor nuns had no dark cloisters;
If all the seas were beans and pease,
How should we do for oysters?

If there had been no projects,
Nor none that did great wrongs;
If fiddlers shall turn players all,
How should we do for songs?

If all things were eternal,
And nothing their end bringing;
If this should be, then how should we
Here make an end of singing?

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