Sunday, November 13, 2011

Google Mistranslations

Google Translate doesn't know Faroese and autotranslates any Faroese website as if it were Icelandic. Here are a few lines automistranslated back into English from Faroese versions of my poems that recently appeared in Oyggjatíðindi:
  • the hood path / is as good as any other
  • Think about peace / beyond the wall circuits
  • Toe soap is rinsed out, come / remember the young tarvafiktarar
  • The standing army is gravsteininum
  • his son, Kleitagoros that kills the Odin, / packs, and now comes home 
  • virginity to a stripper pole, high, I danced some draft / in one night clubs on Canal Street
  • You've been here before, laser hair
  • Hades is a beach

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