Sunday, September 18, 2011

Post-Faroe Words

After studying Faroese for a month, I'm back in Ann Arbor. It's been a weather shock and culture shock coming back. I miss Havn, the sea, and my friends very much. I miss Faroese. I was amazed at how much language one can learn in a short time. A few phrases of have stuck in my head so much that I've had a hard time not responding to people in Faroese. I keep wanting to say ger so væl, nei, and ja (inhaled). Besides Faroese, I've picked up adding "of course" into everything. Also hard to get Faroese balladry out of my head. I keep humming Flóvin Bænadiktsson and Regin Smiður. I suppose you carry people and places, language and words with you as a part of you. It's like the graffiti on the Sirkus bathroom wall: "Once bread becomes toast, it can never be bread again."

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  1. Very interesting, very nice to hear that from you. I have been in the Faroes twice and I miss that place, its people and landscapes, so much! I hope to come back soon to study the Faroese language, just like you did. Thanks for sharing your experience!


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