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Lines from a year's worth of failed and unfinished poems

Trouble and Translation

Updates to my Desk

Today's Reading: Anything Can Happen - Seamus Heaney

12/06/2011 WYCE Poetry Reading

Today's Listening: Things Behind the Sun - Nick Drake

Word Frequency - an alphabet of one-offs

Poetic Obsession

Trolley Folly

Humboldt University of Berlin - Chemistry Lab 1950

Hiems in Lago Pratorum Alborum

Selling Italy - Italian Stereotypes in American Marketing

Analog Blog I - Whitmore Lake Tavern Alphabet

Francophilia and Guardian's 100 Most Beautiful Words List

Today's Listening: Riverside - Agnes Obel

Preface to After Babel

Today's Reading: Dover Beach - Matthew Arnold

Happy and Merry

Soramimi - Bollywood Homophony

Strange Fortune

300 Poetry Submissions

Today's Reading: The Language Issue - Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill (trans. Paul Muldoon)

12/28/2010 WYCE Poetry Reading

Google Mistranslations

Today's Reading: In the Provinces IV - Durs Grünbein

Homeric Travel Tips - Stock Phrases on Xenia in the Odyssey


Today's Reading: Half an Hour - C.P. Cavafy

Viva la Vida

Jeggings Season

A Gentleman's Haircut

Ship on the sea and horse on the mountain...

Homophonic Telephone

Burial Verse

Midway through this life of ours...

Memory and Forgetting

from the Greek Anthology


A Fragment

Homophonic Translation Contest - Winners

Odysseus in the Underworld

Housman - Shropshire Lad, IV.

Translation Contest Update

Housman in Translation

Translation Contest Update

Homophonic Translation Contest

The Bitter Sea - Lessons in Untranslatability

Post-Faroe Words

This Year's Reading - The Invention of Love (Tom Stoppard)